Angelic Pretty Loyal Rosette Series 

Angelic Pretty Pretty School Series

If the Deadpool really was made by a Banshee, the there’s something else you should know about…


I read somewhere that Fukutomi’s turtle’s name was “Turtle”. I also had a turtle named Turtle. I felt a deep connection.


So more pictures from the doujin. Its an anthology and has 4 seperate things in it.

I’m not sure if the first one is dubcon or Onoda just really flustered because its public sex(in a restroom. naruko comes in and almost catches them. arakita keeps messing with him while onoda tries to talk to naruko.

second is a continuation of the first. its pretty cute and seems to have some conflict regarding the first story?

third one is??? ?? arakita is a werewolf or something i dont know. him and onoda yiff. 

last one im ??? on especially but they get frozen yogurt and its cute. 

Im probably going to scan but im a bit worried about breaking the spine uhhh (also im still noT 100% CERTAIN WHO THIS IS BY? SO?) mmm…i really want it translated tho…


for a wolf u sure act like a dog.

an au that im too lazy to explain lmao


 I think a girl on PIXIV ask me to put this picture here, and then I come~